Nancy Fournier

Nancy Fournier Office Manager

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday

Nancy is so special to us! She comes from a background of being a paralegal and managing large teams of people both in the legal and real estate fields.

After helping out at the Cafe of Life as a temporary favor to Dr. Steph she decided not to return to her career and follow her heart to help us care for families here at the Cafe of Life. She is besties with Dr. Steph’s mother so she’s basically like an aunt and has known Dr. Steph nearly her whole life. She’s a grandmother to two gorgeous girls who live with her daughter and son-in-law in the Bay Area. Nancy has studied gentle and respectful parenting techniques and provides a nurturing and conscious disposition when holding babies. That’s why we call her the Baby Whisperer! She enjoys gardening and beach walks with her hubby Jean Loius, who we call her “Frenchie” (he’s French) and she even speaks quite a bit of French!